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Find out which Super Villian is out of SPIDER-MAN!

Hey folks, Harry here with a special treat from one of my Nanobots... this one is Nanobot 1138. I'm so glad I can tink together high tech super technologies lightyears ahead of our time.... But... I just paid attention to that Wesley Crusher episode of STAR TREK: NEXT GENERATION where he made the nanites... and just... well did my best to be like Wesley... but more rotund. Here's the lowdown... and personally... given Mysterio's review of the last Koepp draft... and his opinions about this particular character as developed in that script... I think they've made the right choice... Here ya go...

Nanobot 1138 reporting as ordered sir; end.

Location: Beneath Scott Rosenberg's "L" key; end.

Date: August 24th, 2000; end.

Regarding: Latest progression in Scott Rosenberg's Rewrite of the SPIDER-MAN script; end.

Details to follow; end.

Details are: Monitoring the typing progression upon the latest draft of Scott Rosenberg's rewrite of SPIDER-MAN script reveals a noted lack of Dr Octavius and any sign of Dr Octopus; end.

More Details are: Furthermore, Nanobot 1138 has been monitoring the audio capabilities of Scott Rosenberg and according to these readings, said lifeform has zero probability of intending to write this character into the film; end.

About the Details: It is Nanobot 1138's belief that this activity was initiated by Sam Raimi, project SPIDER-MAN's suspected leader, to add focus and character to the primary characters and story at hand; end.

Status of Nanobot 1138: Continuing to monitor each key pressed awaiting completion for immediate forwarding to Geek Headquarters. Will advise of further progressions as Nanobot 1138 becomes aware; end.

Nanobot 1138 out; end.

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