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STAR WARS EPISODE VII's working title is... you didn't think I'd blow it in the headline did ya?

Hey folks, Harry here...  in response to my article earlier today a new source has come forward to confirm information that I've been sitting on for over a month.   As I've said - getting confirmation has been a bitch.  I know lots of people in JJ's camp - including JJ... but when I put the title to JJ... he never even responded.  That alone was suspicious.   But my original source had told me back in January that Abu Dhabi was a location, and when that came to be, he sent me a scoop that the title for STAR WARS EPISODE VII was THE ANCIENT FEAR.  

I ran it by everyone in the editorial chatroom.  Beaks, Merrick, Quint, Capone... everyone...  and they rattled their sources cages - and couldn't get confirmation...  BUT tonight...  a source that I'm told to call Col. Mustard claimed completely on his own that "the working title" was THE ANCIENT FEAR....

He also stated that "it refers to Max Von Sydow's villain who makes Pazuzu look like a pussy!"

Now - let's see what happens to the working title.  Personally... I love it!

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