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Stephen King's BAD LITTLE KID to get adapted by one of the kings of making-of documentaries!

Papa Vinyard here, now here's a little somethin' for ya...

This past March, Stephen King "published" a short story in e-book form exclusively for French and German readers as a reward for their hospitality when he visited both countries last November. The story has yet to be published (or, as far as I know, even translated) for English-speaking readers, but BAD LITTLE KID is set to be adapted by making-of maestro, Laurent Bouzereau.


The 68-page story has a young boy inadvertently causing the deaths of those around him (think a well-meaning Damien). A prisoner named George Hallas tells his story to his public defender in an attempt to justify his apparent murder of the boy. Needless to say, the lawyer has to deduce whether his client is a raving loon, or if he really had no choice but to take the life of the poor, destructive child.


Bouzereau has never directed a fictional feature-film, but his making-of documentary credits rival anyone's in the business. Most significantly, he's been Steven Spielberg's go-to guy for behind-the-scenes docs for many years, starting with his JAWS feature for the 20th anniversary LaserDisc in 1995, all the way through recent looks at THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN and JURASSIC PARK. He had some facetime with King himself in an hour-long look at the films based on his work as part of his A NIGHT AT THE MOVIES series for TCM. Whether he has the talent for cinematic horror (or maintaining King's trademark tone and sensibilities) is yet to be seen, but not only is the dude no rank amateur, but he's been spending the last 20 years amongst the greats. If he's collected the falling tidbits of advice from the filmmakers he's interviewed like a kid with a bucket under a wind-thrashed apple tree, then he may come out of the gate swinging for his first time at bat (not to mix metaphors).


Has anyone who's actually read this story have anything to say about its cinematic prospects?


-Vincent Kim-Zahedi
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