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Behold Some Insanely Cool MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Concept Art!! Now For Sale On Ebay??

You know you’ve been waiting a long time for the release of a movie when years-old concept art for the film appears for sale on ebay - over a year ahead of the project’s theatrical release.  And that’s exactly what’s happening with George Miller’s forthcoming MAD MAX: FURY ROAD.  

AICN friend (and UltraMadMAXian) David called my attention to some postings on ebay this afternoon - offerings which feature a significant portion of concept art from the film.  Some of the more interesting bits are presented herein - you can find all of this and more HERE.

Look while the looking’s good - who knows who long these will remain online.  However, The Powers That Be appear to be playing by a distinct and generally alien set of rules in terms of this picture’s publicity thus far - so for all I know they may not give a rat’s ass that this material is online and viewable to the masses.  

Is that a jetpack guy six pictures down!?!?  MAD MAX +  jetpacks must certainly equal bliss, no?  

















Personally, I love this stuff.  While we’ve seen little-to-nothing of what this film will actually look like thus far, some of what we have seen correlates closely with this design work.  Suggesting that FURY ROAD will be as audaciously rich and aesthetically intense as many of us have been hoping it would be.

MAD MAX: FURY ROAD opens May 15, 2015.  



Glen Oliver




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