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Mark Frank Darabont off the rumor mill list for INDIANA JONES...

Hey folks, Harry here... Latino Review ran a story, like everyone did, mentioning the rumor about Bradley Cooper being up for Indiana Jones.  This story isn't about that rumor, instead - in the linked article above, they mention Frank Darabont as having pitched on the new INDY flick - and that's the kind of bone that should have been a headline.  I mean, shitballs...  Darabont running INDY would be a very smart thing to do.  Whoever does this needs to have a fine appreciation for TEMPLE OF DOOM, and Frank has that in spades!!!   I mean, seriously.  I'd also throw Joe Johnston into the mix if we're in dream mode.   But the problem is...  Frank Darabont hasn't pitched, been pitched or even approached.  Here's what Frank just sent me:

"This is an internet rumor with not a shred of truth in it. I have not pitched an idea for a proposed Indiana Jones movie, nor has anybody approached me with such an idea. The inaccurate report on Latino Review was the first I'd heard of it."

SOOOOOooo... There ya go.  It'd be nice if it were true, but it ain't true at all.   Frank is one of the great ones... we'll have to just hold our breath finding out about what's next for the man.   I really want his FAHRENHEIT 451 to get going!   But then, any of Frank's scripts are good to go.  Just do it!  Now to listen for more rumors to check up on...

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