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A Trailer And Details For The BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT Game Coming Later This Year!!




The next and potentially final installment in the rather spectacular BATMAN / ARKHAM game series is coming later this year in the guise of BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT.  The title is set one year after the events of BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY, and finally introduces a Batmobile into the equation.  

A badass new trailer for the title has just been issued…


…and you can find art (and a short ‘making of’ reel) for B:AK HERE at GameInformer.  

Looks good?  I’d say so.  I’d concede that a bit of unevenness runs through the ARKHAM titles, but on the whole they’re remarkable gameplay and visceral experiences - I can’t wait to see how this universe conveys to the next ten platforms (especially the PS4).  




Glen Oliver




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