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This Week's SATURDAY SHORTS: Thrillers, Killers, and Horny Ghosts!

Hello ladies and gentlemen, Muldoon here with this week's delightful display of cinema with all sorts of great shorts embedded below. Regardless of where you are in the world, I feel it's a safe assumption to think you're probably somewhere where it's a little chillier than normal... This last week in Austin, TX has been oddly frigid, so hey - as opposed to running outside, why don't you grab yourself something warm, hop on the couch, and let these lovely bite sized cinematic gems help hold you over? Or, you could go watch the clusterfunk that is the Sochi Olympics. Even then, I'm sure your eyes could use a break and that's what I'm here for, to show you something cool that you might not have seen otherwise. While the winter's chill might be doing damage on your cupboard, there's no shortage of quality shorts over here. I'm still incredibly blown away at the level of talent that hits my inbox. Two years ago I saw a short film from Dave Green (Meltdown), which slapped me in the back of the head with "Muldoon, look at the talent here - AICN needs an outlet to showcase this kind of stuff on a weekly basis." Now, that kid's off directing badass films like the upcoming alien flick EARTH TO ECHO. Every time I check my AICN email I get some kind of a lovely surpise, so keep making things, keep shooting, keep submitting, and I'll always keep an eye out for something cool to bring you folks!

Go grab yourself some popcorn, lock your kids in a closet, kill the lights, relax and check out this little weekly film fest we've got ourselves here:


TRT: 11:14


Bam! From the creator of FAMILY VALUES, we've got a new short that's equal bits bizarre and fun. "A man with a broken heart tries to relive his failed relationship by hiring a young girl to act as his ex-girlfriend. If only she could get the accent right..." If you like what Matthew's created, then go hit up the film's website or check out their Facebook page!

'Cockatoo' (2012, short film) from Ninja Milk - Social. Content. on Vimeo.


TRT: 6:03


Up next we've got a subtitled film from the Netherlands with our pal Elwin Rijken.  "A buisinessman goes to a New Age shop to return his Hematite Necklace." It seems some things are absolutely universal. Oh businessmen... when will you ever learn? Go check out more stuff from Elwin here!


TRT: 22:43


That last short was fun, but I could use a little more "creepy" in my day. That's where our next film comes in, filling that void of creepiness! From  Stephen Fingleton, we get 22 minutes of great acting with a heaping serving of twists and turns. "SLR is a short thriller about a man obsessed with "voyeur pornography". When he makes a shocking discovery online, he is forced onto the trail of an anonymous photographer known only by his user name of ANORAK." Check out more from Fingleton on his vimeo page or follow the guy on Twitter: @sfingali.

SLR from Stephen Fingleton on Vimeo.


TRT: 21:46


Up next to the plate is Ryan McDonough with his TWILIGHT ZONE vibed short that'll have you asking your selfself a few questions when the credits roll. "Sheridan is a short film about an ambitious, yet overworked young man who is presented a unique opportunity from a mysterious stranger: To wake up the next morning, and begin living his life 5 months into his future. He then begins to dissect both the advantages and the consequences of this opportunity with those closest to him. Their opinions and decisions lead to an unforgettable, and life-changing climax." Check out the film's website if you have a moment.


TRT: 3:48

(Musical Comedy)

Last up is something straight from the grave, a ghostly tale of perversion, a four minute macabre style dance number that's sure to put a smile on your face! From producer Dani Rosenoer we get to see what goes through the mind of a pervert ghost!

A Horny Ghost Named Buster from Alanna Marie Nish on Vimeo.

Sadly that's all the film fun I've got for you this week folks. But hey, check back next week - you never know what you might find! Thanks for reading/watching. Keep making films!




The Awareness; The 4th Rule of Gremlins; The Simple Carnival "Geek Like Me;" Showbiz Leech; The Fall And Rise of Mickey (1/4/14)

All's Fair; The Case of The Missing Garden Gnome; The Wizard And The Werewolf; Last Remnants (1/11/14)

La Petite Mort; Bruce Lee Played Badminton Too; Micropolar; Imperial Highway; Sigur Ros - "Varúð" (1/18/14)

The Misinventions of Milo Weatherby; Lifted; The Rinsing; Ashes; M is For Maltese (1/25/14)

Rivotanana; End Of Dates; First Date; The Last Girl (2/1/14)


If you have a short and think it belongs here or are on the fence about whether to send it in, please do send it in - I'd love to see what you've put together. I've already seen hundreds of fresh new filmmakers' shorts and like any good addict, I need more!

Shoot me an email at ""

In the subject line include:

“SHORTS” + “Your film’s name” + “The film’s genre”

Then, in the body of the email, please include a synopsis of the film and any contact information you might think I need or would want published. The more info you send my way, the more info there is to put with your short.

Please don’t feel the need to submit multiple times. 

Remember, the filmmakers might still be in the audience, so feel free to share your thoughts in Talkbacks below. (JUST DON'T BE AN ASSHOLE). I picked them, so you know I think highly of all of these, but how about you fine folks? How'd you like 'em?



BY THE WAY: If you've had a short featured here, that means that I personally am a fan of your work, so feel free to shoot me any kind of news on new projects/films/whatever. I can't say I'll be able to help or in what capacity, but I'm interested in your work and am always down to see more! (Keep making cool stuff, everyone!)


- Mike McCutchen


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