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Howard Shore in to score LORD OF THE RINGS

Hey all you hobbitses, Harry here in Madrid. Ol Father Geek and I have been wandering throughout the Prado today... spent 9 hours in there... THE VICTORY OF DEATH by the old man is immaculate to behold in person... and the Bosch originals and El Greco... divine. So imagine my delight when I saw this come in from one in the know in the land of Holly that says that ol Howard Shore may have just nabbed immortality... now all he has to do is compose it. Howard Shore became one of my all time fave composers with his ED WOOD score... and I´ve been watching him with curiousity abounding awaiting the project that would give him the boost to acheive that quintuple axle that only a select few composers have had to end up in the annals of the great cinema composers... this is that type of film... let´s hope he gives us that type of score...

Here’s the scoop: YES Howard Shore IS in FINAL negotiations to score the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. But like in anything else – it isn’t a done deal till his music is synched with the film.

Nonetheless, it seems 99% sure that he’ll be the one (they're still keeping it quiet for now). Thought this might interest you – it comes straight from them.

You may call me “Unknown Quantity”

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