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Hey folks, Harry here.... BIG NEWS... You know the screen test that was reported in Variety with Tobey Maguire? Well, here are the details and folks... I KNOW THIS FOR A FACT! Tobey showed up... and apparently he's gotten buffed up. He came in, nailed the whole geek thing... and to top it all off he was in the perfect shape for the character. MAGUIRE GOT THE PART! That's right... Run home, put it in your saftey deposit box.... run to HSX... Maguire is going to be puny Parker. I've been a fan of Maguire's since ICE STORM, and really really became a huge fan of his after Gary Ross' PLEASANTVILLE where his Bud was just... perfect. Now... Given that Maguire is all buffed up now... I wonder if it's made his face a bit thinner and more angular... if so... he'll be Ditko brought to life. I can't wait to see Tobey bring my friendly neighborhood wall-crawler to life in a theater near me. Expect announcements very very soon! Probably a foreseeable EW cover... My only question is... are we going to get animated wavy lines coming out of his head when his Spidey-sense goes off? I hope so.... hehehhehe...

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