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Natasha Henstridge lands the lead role in John Carpenter's GHOSTS OF MARS

Hey folks, Harry here. I can absolutely put to rest any ongoing lingering rumors about the casting of the lead role in GHOSTS OF MARS. In yesterday's story, Moriarty ended the piece saying that Natasha Henstridge was being favored for the lead role... well as of about 2 hours ago, the ink dried and she is in. Natasha will be playing a non-lesbian 'breeder' cop that ends up in a pretty fucked up situation involving the ghosts of Mars. With the lead role now filled, the production will begin steaming ahead with BROM tattoos, KNB monstrous practical effects and the inevitable badass Carpenter theme. Also, you should know that my head will be appearing in the film. How it will be used is a matter of top security on the project. Rumors are even surfacing at this very moment on this very site, that my head will be revealed as being the glowy thing in the hatbox at the end of the film. Oh yes... It's true... uh huh... yeaaaaaah, and if you believe that, then... God bless ya... You should see this confirmed in the trades probably this Monday or Tuesday.

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