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The SDCC panel on ROBOTECH; and the STAINLESS STEEL RAT motion picture

The news from San Diego ComiCon just never seems to quit coming in to Geek Headquarters... Father Geek just received this group of stories that had yet to be covered... Mucho coolness...

Hey, Harry, while you were having your own panel at SDCC, I was busy getting info for AICN.

At the Robotech panel, a representative from Harmony Gold gave the following info. 20th Century Fox is going to be producing a "Stainless Steel Rat" movie. Harmony Gold has something to do with the distribution/rights for the D&D movie.

JMS announced a Live Action Rising Stars Movie, based off of his Top Cow Superhero comic. He's got his own line of comics now, called Joe's comics. Check 'em out.

Robotech 3000 will be a combo of Japanese Handdrawn animation (original this time) and computer graphics. It will not be 100% CGI as rumors went before.

The New Vampire Hunter D Film will be heading to theaters either this fall, or around Jan 2001. The original Vampire Hunter D film is being released by Urban Vision on DVD about this Halloween.

Spriggan, based off of the popular manga will be released theatrically this fall. ADV Films is trying to get a major release. ADV Films is also almost done on the SiN Animated Movie, which was animated in Japan for American audiences. It looks sweet. SiN might be released by Halloween. They are also at work on a Lady Death animated film, with the script by Carl Macek, of Robotech (in)fame.

Akira is being remastered for a possible theatrical release, with a new dub in the works with possibly some famous named actors doing some parts. There will be a DVD, with many extras.

If you at AICN want more anime info, talk to me. I'm available.


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