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George Miller Resolves Mel Gibson's Rumored Cameo In MAD MAX: FURY ROAD!!

For a while we’ve heard rumors that Mel Gibson may make some sort of cameo in director George Miller’s long-awaited, much-anticipated, highly-mysterious, Tom Hardy-starring franchise reboot - MAD MAX: FURY ROAD.  

We know already that Hardy will assume the role of Max Rockatansky - the character Gibson originated back in 1979’s MAD MAX and continued in that film’s sequels - THE ROAD WARRIOR and BEYOND THUNDERDOME.  However, there’s been incessant chatter that Gibson might show up again in FURY ROAD as, for example, some sort of ‘wanderer.’   

In an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, the mighty Miller finally puts such rumors to rest.   

Miller denied reports that Mel Gibson, who played Max in the first three Mad Max movies, has a cameo role.

''It would have been nice somehow but, no, it's not true,'' he said.

Miller also characterizes the film as being “...a pretty epic chase across the wasteland…”  and says there’s “…pretty constant action [on screen]...”  -  both characterizations I’ve heard supported by folks who've already seen a work-in-progress cut of the film.  

You can find more from Miller HERE.  MAD MAX: FURY ROAD arrives May 2015. 




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