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IN SATURN'S RINGS is dedicated to Carl Sagan and Stanley Kubrick... here's its trailer!

Hey folks, Harry here...  I love space.  The notion of it.  The infinite possibilities that it raises.  Growing up with STAR TREK reruns, I accepted Roddenberry's vision of mankind's future, but more than that... I believed that we should manifest that destiny.   That one day in the future, the borders and divisions that keep us fighting would evaporate and that humanity would begin to grow up in the cosmos.  Speaking of which, my family gathered around our television to watch Sagan's show - and 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY was shown on 16mm in my house often.   ALIEN & DARK STAR really made my brain think of the corporate space possibilities.   NASA's work though...  that's the reality of our times - and I feel so blessed to have lived in a time where we've learned so much about what's out there and just how far the rabbit hole of the universe goes.  As they continue to explore the mysteries of the universe, I just...  I watch with pure wonder.  One of my favorite 3D Blu Rays that I love to show people what my 3D Projector can do is IMAX's HUBBLE 3D.  When HUBBLE takes you on exploratory jaunts through the universe...  it humbles everything I've ever seen about Space.   Using the vast data that NASA has been harvesting for its 55 years of Space Exploration...  Filmmakers and technology is finally getting to the point where they can display and use this vast treasure trove of cosmic wows and put them on a screen for us.   I love it.  Putting this stuff on an IMAX screen in 3D... yes please.   So when I saw the trailer for IN SATURN'S RINGS, I had to share:


Be sure to put that full screen and at 1080p... turn off the lights and be in awe. Let it sweep you away with its majesty. I can't wait to live to see EUROPA IMAX 3D... once we send the landers, robots and people. EUROPA REPORT was fun, but I want the real adventure, the real discoveries! Now, check out IN SATURN'S RINGS' website and dream of what's coming soon. Summer 2014 is looking even sweeter!

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