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Take a gander at the first two images from Kevin Smith's next film, TUSK!

Hey Yo, Draven here.

Kevin Smith’s next film sounds like an interesting endeavor for him, it’s a body horror film about a man that is kidnapped and turned into a half-walrus, half-human hybrid. It stars Justin Long as the unfortunate man who is abducted. Haley Joel Osment is playing his podcast partner who goes in search for him. Smith is shooting it right now and hopes to have it completed for next year’s Sundance Film Festival.

Beyond that though we have the first two images from the film thanks to Smith’s Instagram page. The first one is just a behind the scenes photo featuring Osment, Smith and Genesis Rodriguez (who plays Long’s girlfriend in the film):

The second one is a little more interesting, this is the outline of what the half-man, half-walrus creature is going to look like:

I am excited to see what Smith has in store for us with this film. It sounds like it is going to be a pretty dark comedy (?) and the image of the walrus-human hybrid looks like it should make for some insane body horror. He isn't having to answer to a studio or distributor yet either, so he can go all out with the gore. Thanks to Slashfilm for the heads up.

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