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Our first look at Simon Pegg as a badass hitman in KILL ME THREE TIMES!

Papa Vinyard here, now here's a little somethin' for ya...

We have our first look at Kriv Stenders (the Australian family film RED DOG) KILL ME THREE TIMES (courtesy of the THR print edition, by way of Indiewire) via this look at Simon Pegg brandishing a rifle in all black. He'll be playing an assassin (with an impeccable mustache) who is hired to kill a rich man's singer wife, played by Alice Braga. It's something of an ensemble film, which is told from three different perspectives, and also features Teresa Palmer, Sullivan Stapleton, and Bryan "I'll bet my bile duct" Brown.


I love that Pegg has gone from portraying slackers with dreams of being badass to playing ACTUAL badasses. Methinks if Tim Bisley imagined himself as a hitman in his own mind (with enough time passed since PULP FICTION, of course), he'd look something like Pegg's character seen above; the getup, the posing, and the simplicity of the desert setting are all excellently glorifying, and completely sells me on the film (and Pegg's role in it) without knowing much else about it.


While the premise isn't quite as attention-grabbing as that pic, it's intriguing, and I don't know enough about Stenders of first-time writer James McFarland to gauge what kind of movie it'll end up being. The multiple perspective thing can be done well, and the Australian landscape makes a huge impact when it plays a part in the proceedings in and of itself (as it does in the MAD MAXs and THE PROPOSITION…but maybe not in the same manner). Hopefully, the finished product will be more RASHOMON than VANTAGE POINT.



KILL ME THREE TIMES has either recently wrapped or is wrapping production, and will be released sometime in 2014.

-Vincent Zahedi
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