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Trailer for Bettie Page Documentary, BETTIE PAGE REVEALS ALL!


Hey guys! Horrorella here...

It's been over 50 years since Bettie Page made a name for herself as a pin-up model, with her tantalizing smile and gorgeous curves, but her legacy is as strong as ever. Model, bad girl, sex symbol, bondage queen, feminist icon and pop culture legend - Bettie was it all. She achieved stardom and underground fame as a bondage  and pin-up model, before completely vanishing from the limelight.

This new documentary from director Mark Mori looks to examine the career and legacy of the remarkable Bettie Page, through the use of archival materials, interview footage with those who knew and worked with the star, and even audio interviews with Page herself before her death in 2008.

Many of the events from Page's heyday (including the infamous government investigation for "indecency" in the 1950's) were chronicled in Mary Harrons's 2005 film, THE NOTORIOUS BETTIE PAGE, but Page fans will no doubt rejoice over a full documentary devoted to the legendary pin-up queen.

Official Synopsis:

With a stunning array of gorgeous photographs, unusual archival material, and playful movie footage, BETTIE PAGE REVEALS ALL shows how Bettie's unabashed sexual expression and provocative poses set the stage for the sexual revolution and ushered in a modern era in fashion for stars like Katy Perry and Beyonce, as well as new generations of adoring fans around the world. Bettie remains an irresistible style icon and an empowering role model.

The film will open in New York on November 22nd, and will roll out to other cities throughout December and January. Check out the trailer below.



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