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EMPIRE speaks to Ridley Scott, who says PROMETHEUS 2 script is in and they're rearing to shoot it!

Hey folks, Harry here...  As a declared fan of PROMETHEUS, a film that gets stronger with every viewing I have of Ridley's return to science fiction.  He also claims that BLADE RUNNER 2 is still happening, but "sooner or later" - so whatever that means.   Next, Ridley Scott is shooting EXODUS, which he tells EMPIRE will be "Fucking Huge!" - which is the biggest no-shit ever, cuz if your EXODUS movie isn't fucking huge, then there really is no point in attempting that story, which is inherently Fucking Huge.   It looks like we can expect Scott to turn his eyes to the dots in the sky beginning late 2014 or early 2015 if everything stays on the theoretical schedule he has planned for himself - but it's film... so tons could still happen between now and then.   Man, now if Disney will just announce TRON 3!

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