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Stuart Gordon and Jeffrey Combs need your help! Also a Chick Flick Fest is close to meeting their Kickstarter goal!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I don't usually write much about Kickstarter projects around here, not because I don't have a desire to help out struggling filmmakers, but because outside of setting up a regular crowd funding column we're always going to leave folks out. It's always a question of whether or not writing a Kickstarter article will open the flood gates and cause bad feelings when we cover one, but not another.

Of course now that Harry's had his big Kickstarter we're getting requests for coverage more often than not and there's actually a lot of really interesting projects out there. If you guys are interested in a regular crowd-funding column let us know in the talkbacks below, but in the meantime there are two I wanted highlight.

First up is a Stuart Gordon project reteaming him with Jeffrey Combs called NEVERMORE. The fact that Stuart Gordon has to ask anyone for money for a project about Edgar Allan Poe starring Jeffrey Combs is a goddamn shame in the first place. Shame on you, Hollywood and double shame on you independent financers.

The business has no long term memory, but we sure do. The business treats genre masters like shit unless they happen to have the last name Spielberg, so I have no doubt that Stuart Gordon is asking his fans because that's his only option. So it falls to us. If you've ever enjoyed the work of Mr. Gordon or Mr. Combs they could sure use your help.

They have a very long way to reach their goal, but I know movie geeks and horror fans in particular will go overboard to support the artists they love, so the fight isn't over yet. Give if you can.

Closer to its goal is a bit of a different project with a bit of a different audience. Instead of a movie it's a film festival and instead of focusing on a (mostly male) horror geek icon like Edgar Allan Poe it's aimed at the ladies.

Forever Fest is run by women for women... and guys that like chick flicks. The festival is actually locked into place with the Kickstarter going towards flying in guests for retrospective screenings like Sixteen Candles and Empire Records. The fest will take place at the Alamo Drafthouse and is being run by Brandy Fons and Sarah Pitre who are both really cool people and have worked tirelessly behind the scenes at the Drafthouse for years.

You can get your VIP passes, which includes access to parties and films, as part of the rewards system, so if you're planning on going why not go through their Kickstarter? They're less than a grand away from their goal, so why not help push it over?

That's it for now. If you want further Crowd Funding updates. With a tons of movies and geek inventions and video games always needing funding there's no shortage of material, but I want to make sure there's an audience who wants it before we pull the trigger. So, let me know your thoughts.

-Eric Vespe
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