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Make the Smart Decision! Trailer for HELL NO: THE SENSIBLE HORROR FILM!


Hey guys! Horrorella here...

This is pretty damn spectacular. Austin filmmaker Joe Nicolosi (the dude behind the awesomeness that is THE MATRIX RETOLD BY MOM, MARIO BROS. INDIE FILM TRAILER and STAY INDOORS) released another short film online this week, and it pretty much made my day.
It's called HELL NO: THE SENSIBLE HORROR FILM. And for everyone who has ever watched a horror movie and said...
"Why the hell is she investigating the creepy basement?"
...or "Don't split up!"
...or "Don't fucking touch that!"
...or claimed ever so confidently "I would never do that."
...this should speak to you.
It's a trailer for a (non-existant) horror movie where all of the characters eschew the typical horror cliches and make all of the good decisions that you would make if you were in their shoes. And the result is a hilarious send-up of the genre we all love, yet sometimes can't fully comprehend.
It even features a pullquote from AICN, telling you what we would probably think if this were a trailer for an actual film.
Check it out!
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