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Hello BNAT Addicts & virgins


This here gaggle of pixels is the beginning of BUTT-NUMB-A-THON 15TH ANNIVERSARY– such spectacle can barely be believed.  I always intended to begin working on this year’s application on October 15th, 2013…   and I did.  But as is my tradition, the last couple of years, I decide to find a film on NETFLIX INSTANT that I’ll make folks watch – and this year’s title…  well, we should all be so lucky to discover it.   So before I get into the description about what a BUTT-NUMB-A-THON is…  Or finish the creation of this Magna Carta of Geekery, I suggest you go watch Robert Wise’s THE HOUSE ON TELEGRAPH HILL.   When it is over, this application will be up. (unless, but probably then and around there)

See what I mean?  BNAT’s like a whole day of that feeling, either discovering a classic for the very first time…  or having a great excuse to revisit one…  only…  in a room filled with a massive concentration of cinema love. You’ll also see some premiere’s and possibly be witness to some incredibly cool shenanigans…  Yeah, that’s what I’ll call em.   Shenanigans aplenty. 


It is absurd for me to believe that Tim League and I have been throwing BUTT-NUMB-A-THON for 15 years now, but we have.  So much has changed about the world, the theater, the faces that come and the lives that this magical cinematic concoction unleashes.  It has changed so many lives in so many ways… 


The proceeds from the event go to the SATURDAY MORNING KIDS CLUB, which is also going into its 15th Anniversary – funded completely by BNAT’s profits and providing Kids with powerful cinematic memories!


And while your admission price goes to that worthy cause – you’re in for something that should blow you away.   Tim League kicked off this past week with an email demanding we meet because he’s determined to make this the best BNAT ever – I’m slightly less ambitious, but we’ll see.  Starting off modestly usually works out well.





ALAMO RITZ in Austin, Tx

December 7th – December 8th, 2013


One could see it as a movie marathon, but it really is quite a bit more than that.  This is my cinematic mix-tape – I jack in through your light & sound detectors without the safest of intent.   I will take this audience on a quest to illuminate once again, just how many possibilities there are to loving film.   Sometimes we birth cults right on the spot.   You’ll be handed a yearbook that will have the faces and names and something probably unexpected of everyone you’ll be seeing these movies with.   In-between films in the breaks (which won’t be long enough to complete that cinematic buzz rattle you have to get out of your head before moving on, but tough up, this ain’t for pussies!)  you’ll meet movie lovers from all over the world.  Audience members can be just like you, if they fill out the application and jump through all the hoops…


Why the process?   Because thousands want in and there’s less than 200 seats – we want to put together the most astonishing selection of film – but we want to make sure that you’re in the most amazing audience too!  SO – want to see what it takes to sit with the most amazing film lovers in the world and watch the most amazing shit that you can never describe to anyone that wasn’t there to see it with you, so you become… ONE OF US?  Shitfire, let’s do this:



Applications are due by midnight, October 31st, 2013!!!  Don’t want to miss that Halloween party, get it done early then.  And as a matter of fact, waiting til the last day is never a good idea, so many applications begin coming in that I’ve had some get lost in the ether due to the glut.   But if you need every second, go with Cthulhu my child.


Every attendee must complete this…  IF you are trying to attend with more than one person – they must send in their own application.   If you list them as attending with you and they do not send an application, then you will be eliminated.  So be sure about your BNAT BUDDY!


Now onto the questions that will govern your future very closely!




  1. Tell me the first time and the last time you cried in a movie theater with a smile on your face.



  1. Alright, now I need your name – by this I mean your full legal name, your email address & your twitter handle


  1. State the full names of your BNAT BUDDIES (ie, those who you are applying and sitting with – with the knowledge that if they are lame and don’t supply an app, you’re totally fucked, but they wouldn’t do that because they’re your BNAT BUDDIES and you trust them with your life!) Oh – and tell me what gives them that space in your life.


  1. Have you ever attended BNAT before – what has the experience meant to you, which one?


  1. Where were you born?  Where do you live?  Mode of Transportation to Alamo Ritz in Austin, Tx for BUTT-NUMB-A-THON 15TH ANNIVERSARY.


  1. There’s a movie you love.   You really fucking love this movie.   And it really really needed a sequel and you know exactly what it should be.  C’mon, don’t keep it a secret.  Share!


  1. T-Shirt Size (This is needed so your BNAT shirt fits you, not because of creeper reasons)


  1. OK – So you’ve seen THE HOUSE ON TELEGRAPH HILL (via Netflix Instant or as an AMAZON PRIME member) and here’s the question I had to ask ya.   WHAT THE FUCK?   I mean, that ending?  What is that?  I’m kinda terrified for the kid, right?  What a terrifyingly tense flick, right?  What’d you love about it?


  1. Ya know that time you’ll never forget, tell me about it.


  1. PHOTO: Take a photo embodying in some fashion you in your favorite film genre.  Have fun with it! 


  1. PHOTO: Favorite photo of you as a child!


  1. What do you do in this world professionally? And who should play you in the movie?


  1. What’s your favorite Roger Corman film? Why?


  1. Strangest film you love is?


  1. VIDEO (Bonus) – Make ON THE GOOD SHIP LOLLIPOP your own!  Videos can be product of individuals or groups.  Feel free to push the limits of good taste.  Play with genres.  (Upload to YouTube and provide a link in your email)


  1. Worst place you’ve ever used the bathroom, why there?


  1. Why must you be at BNAT 15?


  1. List 3 Dream Films for BNAT 15 (Vintage or New).


  1.  Your Top Ten Favorite Films


  1. Name your favorite cartoon short



That’s the 20 things ya gotta answer.  Send that to with the subject line:  I’ll Take Mahler’s Seat!!!  (Note: it must be exactly like that, same letters capitalized, 3 exclamation points and all!  This is what gets your app to the correct folder for consideration)


Winners will be notified on November 5th with further instructions. 


Want to learn more about BUTT-NUMB-A-THON?  Check these links:


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