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Are these the working titles used for STAR WARS: EPISODE VII!?!?

Hey Yo! Draven here.

I will be honest here, I really debated posting this. I know that Latino Review has some really good STAR WARS sources and I am sure many of their scoops in the end will be proven correct. But even they preface this "scoop" by explaining that these potential working titles were used by George Lucas in the earliest stages of coming up with a story for this next film. Disney and director J.J. Abrams will almost certainly end up using their own title and even if this was Lucas' film still, I doubt either one would end up being used. But the two titles George Lucas was apparently using as working titles for this seventh installment were RISE OF THE JEDI and RETURN OF THE SITH. 

There are so many reasons why those wouldn't really work. The first is how generic and boring they are. Another is that they are too similar to subtitles already used by previous films. RISE OF THE JEDI has the exact same acronym as the film it would be following, RETURN OF THE JEDI. RETURN OF THE SITH is also very similar to the last film that was made in REVENGE OF THE SITH. 

The biggest reason I doubt this, is Abrams and company are really trying to stick close to the series and make their film feel like a "Star Wars" film. The subtitles to the six films follow a pattern, the first one is in reference to a character, A NEW HOPE referring to Luke and THE PHANTOM MENACE referring to Palpatine or Anakin (depending on which theory you believe). The second one is an act or response, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK and ATTACK OF THE CLONES. The third one is a reference to the narrative that will ultimately conclude the story, RETURN OF THE JEDI and REVENGE OF THE SITH. Obviously something like RISE OF THE JEDI and RETURN OF THE SITH would not fit the pattern for this film in the new trilogy. 

This will ultimately turn into some lame trivia question you hear at a bar in ten years but it is fun to speculate and cover. What do you guys think? If I had to bet money I would bet the title ends up referencing A NEW HOPE somehow. There is a ton of buzz that we will FINALLY get some OFFICIAL STAR WARS news soon so stay tuned. 

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