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An AICN Exclusive Clip From ZERO CHARISMA!

Nordling here.

ZERO CHARISMA opens this week on VOD and theatrically in select theaters tomorrow.  It's one of my favorite films of the year, and I think every geek, young and old, will find something to recognize in it.  With a truly great performance by Sam Eidson, ZERO CHARISMA is funny, moving, and sometimes uncomfortable to watch, especially if you come from this background, as I do.  We all know a Scott Wiedemeyer, and if we don't, look in the mirror, because guess what - he's likely you.

Directors Katie Graham and Andrew Matthews, along with Sam Eidson, will be in New York City this weekend, presenting the film at Cinema Village, with host John Barrowman  (ARROW, TORCHWOOD) for the Q&A on Friday night, a Q&A on Saturday night, and hosted by Dan Harmon (COMMUNITY) with a Q&A on Sunday night.  If you live in the Big Apple or are in the area, you should really go.  If you do, make sure you go up to Andrew and let him know how much you loved THE MATRIX.  Heh.

And here's an exclusive clip from the movie, as Scott plays a round of his RPG with his friends, and is the utter master of his domain (said domain being his living room).  ZERO CHARISMA is available on iTunes right now.



Nordling, out.

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