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Why Moriarty Is Building A Statue Of John Milius And The Wachowskis!

Hey, all. "Moriarty" here. I first started getting e-mail about this story last week, and I was waiting until I either heard confirmation myself or saw a solid story about the rumors online somewhere. Well, looks like the fine folks at FilmForce.IGN have done the required legwork, and they've got what sounds like a damn solid confirmation of the new project I am most excited to see, John Milius' KING CONAN.

Anyone who read my recent RUMBLINGS regarding CONAN THE BARBARIAN knows just how much love I harbor for the film. One of the things that always bummed me out most about it is how beautifully the film promises us a sequel, and all we got was that shitty Grace Jones thing a few years later. Ugh. There was nothing in that film that fulfilled the promise that we would see the story of how Conan eventually became a king. That was such a great story thread to suggest, and the notion that John Milius is going to be back to write and direct the new film with the Wachowskis serving as producers is exciting. It's beyond exciting. It makes me do a dance of sheer geek joy. Of course Arnold will come back for this film if the price is right. He's doing TERMINATOR 3 without James Cameron, fer pissakes, something he once swore he'd never do. Besides, this film should help Arnold get that CRUSADE jones out of his system since that film continues its glacial progress towards the screen despite the best efforts of both Arnold and Paul "the crazy Dutchman" Verhoeven. Here's a chance for Arnold to deal with his aging in a story that still allows him to be a powerful force, even as it adds new shades to his heroic image. I'm going to be such a nuisance during the production of this film. I won't be able to help myself. Prepare, Milius, for I will unleash all my henchmen and use all my Evil influence to learn the secrets of KING CONAN!!

And I'm going to do the festive dance of "hell, yes," the whole time.

"Moriarty" out.

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