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Snake Plissken Escapes To TV'

El Cosmico here, got some strong reactions to that Survivor thing, well, I've given you the source just as I found it, and you can make up your own minds. Making up your own mind is fun, see?

Okay, moving along, Cinescape is reporting that our pal, Snake Plissken, is due to come to television! Whee! I just love Snake. Such a nice fellow. Here's the word:

Snake Plissken Returns

Snake Plissken, the anti-hero of John Carpenter's Escape From New York and L.A ., is making a return, but this time on TV. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Snake will return in a new syndicated TV series from Tribune Entertainment called Escape From New York, with a planned launch of 2001. John Carpenter, Debra Hill and Kurt Russell are involved in the project and will operate as hands on executive producers, though Russell is not expected to reprise the role of Snake for the TV series. However; there are also plans to bring the eyepatched rouge with bad attitude back the big screen for one more film, tentatively titled Escape From Earth. Word has it that the third film's fate may hinge on the success of the syndicated TV series. While talking to the trade, Hill explained, "We are excited about working with the character (of Snake), and if it is successful (in syndication), perhaps we may do another movie." The producer adds, "It's exciting to reinvent a movie for a whole new generation of people, and that is what excites us. It's exciting to try to figure out a way to keep that story line going for 100 episodes." The TV series will be set in the near future in a world devastated by man-made natural disasters. Snake Plissken is hired (or forced) by the President to become an agent fro the United Nations and wander the world in hopes of saving what's left of humanity. His ultimate goals are to survive and take down his foe, the corrupt Police Commissioner Bob Hauk. The head writer of the series will be Howard Chaykin (Viper, American Flagg comic series)

Can't wait! Snake RULES! But WHO will play him?

-El Cosmico

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