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WARNING: This Gameplay Material From The Abortive SNAKE PLISSKEN'S ESCAPE Could Give You A Whopping Case Of Geekly Blue Balls!! (Now With Working Talkbacks)




Via Kotaku and IGN comes this look at a Snake Plissken video game which never saw the light of day.  

How a Snake Plissken video game has not been generated to this pint is beyond me - the Carpenter/Russellverse must be at least as potential-rich as RIDDICK (which got a game), no?  But it appears one was at least in development a while back.  

Tentatively titled Snake Plissken's ESCAPE, the video's description says the game featured Kurt Russell's likeness, and a nearly finished campaign design with a storyline approved by the Escape franchise's principle creatives—Russell, John Carpenter, and the late Debra Hill.

...says Kotaku HERE

If I’m understanding the timing of matters correctly, announcements about this game and its supposed/intended release date would place this video somewhere 2003/2005. 



All I have to say, having more or less rubbed one out over the idea of a Plissken game,’s not too late!  If it were as utterly badass as the recent TOMB RAIDER, I would completely pass out and never awaken.  Although, maybe they could do a simpler version for XBOX Arcade, or something?  Like the TURTLES: OUT OF THE SHADOWS title which came out recently?  But maybe gooder than that.  




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