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It's An Ultra-Mini Friday Docback!! 50th Anniversary 3D Blu, A Cool Book, What Capaldi's Doctor Will Be Like, And More!!



Glen here...

This week’s Docback is a Docback only in the “the forum is open to discussion” sense.  Some disconcerting health issues rose up rather quickly late last week - which were brought into check by a specialist yesterday.  Turned out to be a rather simple fix, but it was pre-occupying and nerve-wracking and not much got done on the DOCTOR WHO front on my end over the past 7 days.  

Nonetheless, I once promised a Docback of some sort would be present every weekend - so here it is.  Despite the dearth of content, I will still be monitoring from afar as always - the Code of Conduct is very much in effect.  

Feel free to discuss anything and everything WHO, but possible points to mull could include...


** Capaldi’s Doctor to be “older, trickier, and fiercer...just as Clara’s learning to have a proper old crush on him, he’s Malcolm Tucker...”  (DOCTOR WHO Magazine via DoctorWhoTV).  

** The 50th Anniversary Tennant/Smith/Hurt MegaEpisode - The Day of the Doctor - to be released on Blu-ray (3D onboard but optional presumably) roughly a week after it transmits.  Preorder HERE in the UK.  Awaiting word on US plans. 

** Marcus Hearn’s DOCTOR WHO VAULT book sounds like it could be quite interesting and promising.  Pre-order HERE in the US and HERE in the UK.  Hearn has written DOCTOR WHO comics, has written for DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE, and wrangled a number of fine extras on DVD releases.  

** Is there a new DOCTOR WHO game on the way?  Seems so.  Mock up images HERE.  

** DOCTOR WHO is now on Hulu.   Looks like all ‘NuWHO’ eps from 2005 on up are present (including Season/Series 7).  Season 5 on up (the Smith era) is presented in HD.  A whopping portion of ‘classic’ WHO eps are available as well.  Perhaps most of them?  I believe I noticed a few absences...but I may’ve simply missed ‘em.  More info HERE.  

** Got more?  Mention it in the Talkbacks below!  


More respectable post coming next week.  Until then, have fun and be well...




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