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What Fantastic Fest Legend is upon this MACHETE KILLS Poster? He's Too Cool!

Hey folks, Harry here...  If FANTASTIC FEST has given birth to a singular action/acting legend, it would be Marko Zaror.   KILLTRO, MIRAGEMAN and MANDRILL have formed a fantastic holy trinity of ass-kicking suaveness that means MARKO ZAROR to me.   MANDRILL, I sometimes watch too much.  It is an amazing little movie.   Well, Robert Rodriguez has hired Marko Zaror - and now swears by the man, because that's what Zaror does.   Well, it is fitting that MACHETE KILLS opens Fantastic Fest and that Marko gets his own one-sheet!  If you don't know Zaror, you will.  He's about as cool as a Man can be.   I can't wait to see how Rodriguez uses him in MACHETE KILLS - I'm giddy that it is Marko Zaror as Marko Zaror though.   He really does have the best damn name!


Zaror will roar!

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