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What Is Syd Mead Doing On The Set Of TOMORROWLAND??




Word on the streets is that the mighty and insanely talented Syd Mead was spotted on the set of TOMORROWLAND late last week, meeting with Disney executives and the film’s director, Brad Bird (THE INCREDIBLES, IRON GIANT, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - GHOST PROTOCOL). 

Mead, a cinematic and Geek legend for his concept and design work on films like STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE, TRON, BLADE RUNNER, 2010, ALIENS, and the recent ELYSIUM, is evidently not working on the actual production of TOMORROWLAND in a creative capacity. Rather, strong rumors suggest he was present to discuss the film’s one sheet - which he will be spearheading.  I can’t wait to see what that one looks like...good God.  

TOMORROWLAND - starring George Clooney and Hugh Laurie - should theoretically appear in theaters late next year.  To give you a sense of the film’s possible texture, it’s evidently being edited by Walter Murch - famed for his unique and visionary sound design in THX-1138, AMERICAN GRAFFITI, APOCALYPSE NOW, and THE CONVERSATION, and editor of films like APOCALYPSE NOW, THE UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF BEING, and JARHEAD.

By the way, the image above - to the best of my knowledge - is not Syd Mead's art.   




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