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Confirmation on LORD OF THE RINGS first theatrical trailer!

As everyone has begun to get ready to buy their JAWS 25th Anniversary DVDs, Quint is still alive and hacking away at the great white... movie screen that he adores oh so much. While most of you were sleeping or laughing your asses off at SCARY MOVIE, Quint decided to cross a new line in his film coverage for AICN. That's right, the crusty seaman took it on his own accord to get to the bottom of the New Line release of the first theatrical trailer for LORD OF THE RINGS. In the piece yesterday, we just knew it was intended for release sometime in the Christmas 2000 season.... I ventured to guess that it could very well be 13 DAYS. Taking a break from chumming, Quint began singing to his maidens and friends at NEW LINE, and got to the bottom of it for us. The first theatrical trailer for LORD OF THE RINGS will be attached to: 13 DAYS.

Now... what's great about this... is that unlike when Lucas first released the STAR WARS trailer.... this time the highly anticipated piece of mylar will unspool on what at least has a fantastic script, and a movie that I thought had a damn good trailer of it's own. So set the countdown.... the LORD OF THE RINGS trailer will be released on DECEMBER 20th with THIRTEEN DAYS. What is that... a little more than 5 months to wait? Anyone going to camp for it? Can you imagine the spine tingle this is gonna be?

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