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Kevin Spacey and Chris Rock... signed for Supes'

Then I received a phone call from someone 'very very in' with the SUPERMAN LIVES project, who said that Kevin Spacey and Chris Rock are now signed on to the project as Braniac and Jimmy Olsen respectively. The next person Burton and crew are trying to fill is Lois. Hopefully they'll listen to us geeks and throw Linda Fiorentino in the role. And the same source said that Kevin Spacey is actually getting 'dual' action. Apparently through some sort of plot contrivance that said source refused to tell me, Spacey will be both Luthor and Braniac and that Luthiac thing. Now, in a hopeless fanboy attempt to make this seem as cool as I could, I wondered allowed if we would have the green faced Braniac with the little head thingee going in the pink suit, and Luthor both looking exactly the same, kinda like them ol Kurt Swan SUPERMAN comics of old. The source didn't utter a word, but I think it's probably more likely that Brainiac is some sort of roboty dude with a Kevin Spacey voice, and that Lex is really Kevin Spacey looking. Then they merge together and look like... Kevin Spacey. That's just speculation on my part, but it seems to make sense at about 4 in the morning as I type this. Oh well, sources.... speak up on this...

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