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If it's true, this is one big ass whopper of a SPOILER for THE AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON!!!

Hey folks, AICN COMICS/AICN HORROR's Ambush Bug here. Now, I am not in the habit of reading or seeking out spoilers. In fact, I pretty much loath them as there’s very little I like more than being surprised by what read or watch in books and movies. Still, I got an email today that I couldn't ignore from my pals at Unleash the Fanboy letting loose a whopper of a spoiler in terms of plot in regards to the new THE AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON movie in the works.

Now this is strictly a rumor, so take it as you will. If you couldn’t help yourself from clicking this article, but still don’t want this detail spoiled, here’s your last chance to flee…

Ok, it’s already been made clear that Ultron will be a product of Tony Stark and not Hank Pym in THE AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, but now it looks like Ultron might just be Tony Stark’s robotic manservant Jarvis given sentience and gone out of control. Even better news is that it looks like Paul Bettany, the voice of Jarvis in all 3 IRON MAN films, may be back and voicing Ultron as well.

UTF goes on to hypothesize that this could mean Bettany could play a dual role as the Vision as well, but I think that’s a mighty, though highly logical, leap as Ultron and Vision are basically brothers from the same maker in the comic books. Check out the full article here

All of this makes sense to me. Of course, it could be completely false. But still, it’s loopy enough to work and tying all the way back to the first IRON MAN is the kind of crazy brilliance that goes hand in hand with Whedon’s work.

So what do you all make of this?

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