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A first look at the sequel, MONSTERS: DARK CONTINENT is here!!!

Hey Yo, Draven here.

Thanks to Empire, we have our first look at the sequel, MONSTERS: DARK CONTINENT:

I was a big fan of Gareth Edwards’ original low-budget, creature feature and am excited to see how they expand on the world he was able to create. I know there were a lot of complaints from people that there were not enough of the monsters in the first film, but I loved that about the film. I really hope they stick with telling intimate, human stories with the background of these infected zones, and that it doesn’t just become a typical monster movie.

MONSTERS: DARK CONTINENT is being directed by first-time director, Tom Green (no, not that Tom Green) and stars Johnny Harris, Sam Keeley, and Joe Dempsie. It should be in theaters next year.

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