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Spielberg to film MINORITY REPORT with Tom Cruise after A.I.

Hey folks, Harry here. Well well well.... So MINORITY REPORT isn't dead... who'd a thunk it eh professor? The screenplay for this film by Scott Frank, last I heard was still in rewrites... with Scott also doing writing on Gary Ross' CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY film. When Steven took A.I. on as his next project, some speculated that MINORITY REPORT was... DEAD, but at least from what Tom Cruise is saying here... it's looking like the Beard will be helming this while also overseeing the final post production pieces of A.I. If Cruise has all his facts straight, this would mean that a New INDIANA JONES film would be... out in 2003 at it's earliest... and that would only be the case if he jumped straight out of MINORITY REPORT into this... without pursuing a Harry Potter sequel or MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA or a Spirit of St Louis style flick about Lucky Lindy... So... will MINORITY REPORT be next? Tell you March 2001 for sure...

Hello Harry,

Just to let you know Tom Cruise granted a special interview to the UK's 'Big Breakfast' show today and announced his next project would definitely be Steven Spielberg's 'Minority Report'.

Here's what he had to say...

"I left my whole schedule open, so when Steven's ready we'll begin. At the moment i'm scheduled to go to New York to begin shooting in April of next year. So until them i'm going to enjoy being a father."

When pressed what the film was about, he answered...

"Big monumental sci-fi stuff. The guy who wrote it was the brains behind things like 'Blade Runner', 'Total Recall'. And i never really delved into the sci-fi genre before. And plus to work with someone like Steven, you know speaks for itself. The man is a master of his craft, so without even shooting a single scene, i know the film is going to be great."

Then asked when 'Minority Report' was coming out, he answered... "Summer 2002." Then interestingly (and slightly jokingly) added, "So watch out George Lucas."

Please include a link to www.Channel4.Co.Uk, and then follow the links to the 'Big Breakfast'.

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