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Could STAR WARS: EPISODE VII get pushed back!?!?

Hey Yo, Draven here.

The assumed summer 2015 release date for STAR WARS: EPISODE VII has been under scrutiny the last few months. I know a lot of people have been expecting it to get moved back because we have yet to hear any official casting news and shooting is expected to begin this winter. That is a tight schedule for an obviously effects driven film (just about a year and a half). The other train of thought, is that Disney already has THE AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON set for May 1, 2015 and it doesn’t make a lot of sense to release their two biggest films, just weeks apart.

Now comes a new rumor from Badass Digest that Disney is toying with the thought of releasing it December 15th, 2015. This would be a big change as every other STAR WARS film has been released during the month of May but it would give J.J. Abrams and company a few months of breathing room and maybe even more importantly, it would get it out of the crowded summer schedule.

I know a lot of the hardcore STAR WARS fans are going to find this news blasphemous but we all knew there were going to be changes for the franchise when we found out Disney was taking it over. I don’t see this as insane or crazy and I actually think it would be the right move. It would have the whole Christmas season to itself and just imagine all of the families that will be going to see it on Christmas day.

This seems like a logical move to me but what do you guys think? Is this worrisome to you?

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