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No PARANORMAL ACTIVITY in 2013 - But you will get two different PARANORMAL ACTIVITY films in 2014!!!

Hey Yo, Draven here.

We finally have some clarity on what Paramount is doing with the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY franchise. We previously knew that Paramount wanted a Latin spin-off and that is now titled PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE MARKED ONES (sounds like a DTV title to me) and is dated for January 3, 2014. Paramount is trying to re-create not just the success they have had with the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY franchise, but also the $33 million opening that THE DEVIL INSIDE did for them in January of 2012.

Now what does this mean for a direct sequel to PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4? Fear not (no pun intended), as Paramount has also dated PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5 for October 24, 2014. So this means that this is the first year in ten years that we are not getting a SAW or PARANORMAL ACTIVITY film this Halloween. To make up for that though, Paramount will be delivering two PARANORMAL ACTIVITY films in 2014.

These films are obviously an easy investment to make for Paramount and are always profitable. But, after the lackluster (to say the least) response to PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 and the time between the films, I doubt they are ever going to be able to replicate the success they experienced with the first three films in the franchise. I am not sure there are a lot of people who still care about PARANORMAL ACTIVITY but I guess we will see this coming January.

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