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In Austin, Saturday Night? Want to join us for a helluva fun Kickstarter Party in "The Basement" at our Studio?

Hey folks, Harry here...  Well, we've had a spectacular kickoff to our Kickstarter - currently we're 18.5% funded for the second season of the show.  Now that we've launched though - I know a lot of people are curious about why we're raising this money and what it's going to be used for.   Well, this Saturday in Austin at our BASEMENT set, which is in the midst of a 9,000 sq ft facility, my team and I will be meeting and greeting with folks to share with them our vision of what it is we're going to accomplish in this space.  The set you've seen was always supposed to be the first set, the intent with NERDIST was to build out from there, we were just never given that opportunity.  We'll be eternally grateful for NERDIST giving us the excellent opportunity to begin this process, but there's a lot more.   

A whole lot of cool folks here in Austin, some famous, some infamous and most, just plain cool have already RSVP'd when approached directly, but the fact is...  This is a party and we've lined up sponsors for fabulous libations that will be free, some delicious wings, crazy door prizes - and so much cool stuff to check out that you'll just be amazed!   

We get this show funded and it will mean not only having a studio audience for the awesome guests we'll be bringing in, but wonderful events scheduled to coincide - and more than that...  we'll be sharing these events through the show.  Doing this independently means, when we have a great guests that is as gracious as the ones we had in Season one, we won't have to truncate the interview with awkward endings that are inorganic.  We'll be able to continue the conversation and share it with all of you.   And it won't have to be divided up over weeks either.   We'll be working to bring multiple guests on when we have the Cave set built for that exact purpose.  

So - how do you get in to this party?

It is extraordinarily simple...  Just RSVP to This Address! We look forward to sharing our playground with you and having a real good time Saturday night 7-Midnight!!!

First 200 Get In!!! 

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