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Save BRAY STUDIOS, home of Hammer, Ridley's ALIEN eggs, Daleks & so much more, with just your name!



Hey folks, Harry here...  One of the great British resources for Film and Music professionals could possibly be bulldozed and turned into Luxury housing by its current owner, unless his belief that the facility is no longer needed is reversed.   A group of responsible folks are attempting to save this Studio which is still home to numerous productions of the film and music variety.   This is where THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW and ALIEN were shot - along with a great deal of HAMMER's classic films!  An application has been filed to erase a place that has housed DOCTOR WHO from 1972-1979, along with SPACE 1999 episodes, as well as Errol Flynn Theatre!!!  The main building was built in 1750 as Down Place.  ALIEN's model unit was there...  but since that time, the place has welcomed Michael Apted, John Boorman, Nicolas Roeg, Brian Trenchard-Smith, Todd Haynes, John Madden, Rob Bowman and Terry Gilliam for THE IMAGINARIUM OF DOCTOR PARNASSUS!  BLAKES 7, STAR MAIDENS, RED DWARF have all shot there.  As a music venue, well...  it's pretty legendary too.  

Not only is this property of great historical interest going back into centuries of history, but it is one of the great creative studios in England!  As much fun as it is to think about the ALIEN EGG FACEHUGGER GHOSTS seaping up and tormenting the well to do that would dare sleep upon this cursed earth...  a place that allowed Dracula to rise from the grave and had Mummies, Zombies, Vampires, Daleks and more to walk or roll its grounds... well, that's something that a geek like me can't bare to stand.   SO


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