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Let's KICKSTART The Second Season of AIN'T IT COOL With Harry Knowles!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...  For the past 10 months I've paid the studio rental fee out of my own pocket to just preserve the "Basement Set" intact from the first season of AIN'T IT COOL With Harry Knowles, which ran under the warm cuddly banner of NERDIST!  Even though we were one of their more popular shows and even nominated for Best Writing for a Web Series...  We were not picked up due to a direction shift from show creation to a more viral video focused mindset.   That isn't really what our show was about.  In the 10 months since our show left, we've been working very hard at trying to secure funding for the show.  Things got really exciting around SXSW, it looked like we had found our guardian angel, we crewed up to do a lot of shooting, only to have "Clarence" recalled.   When that happened, my crew and I went straight ahead - as we had several killer one on ones set up.  

The reality is, I'm just not in a place where I can continue to keep the studio space in the "hopes" that it'll work out.  My director, Brett Hart and our crazy talented partners Jaime Gallagher and Suzette Soucie (she built BOILER & the amazing Basement set) and I decided that we should put the fate of our show into the hands of our audience.

Ever since the end of AICwHK season one (Which Can Be Seen Here In Its Entirety) I've been contacted by hundreds of fans of the show hoping that our brand of love for all things cinema will return.  Well, if we don't reach our minimum Kickstarter goal of  $100k, it won't happen.  No, that money isn't going to line my pockets, that's what it'll cost us to secure the sets, equipment & crew to begin full production of a second season - and our various stretch goals will go into fleshing Season 2 out, building additional sets for the show to continue to evolve and to build a studio audience watching area so that when we have amazing guests, folks like you can actually take part and experience the magic of our set in person.  All of this is spelled out better at our KICKSTARTER PAGE!!!

We even shot a special KICKSTARTER video with a teaser at the end:


We have to do this with y'all...  it should be that way...  If you would like to help with this Kickstarter, the show or just spread the word of our plight - contact me at HK at - and we'll get the second season kicking ass and bringing more cool talent and events to Austin!!!   This is only somethine we can do together!

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