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AICN COMICS: So you missed SDCC 2013 Part 6—“Full 2013 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards”!

Hey folks, Ambush Bug here. While I was doing scores and scores of interviews, AICN COMICS’ pal and all around great guy Jamie Coville took in 20 panels and brought his handy dandy recording device along to bring it all back to you. So even if you missed out on these panels, you can sit back and enjoy these audio files at your leisure without having to wait in line or sit in a room full of smellies…

Full 2013 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards (2:40:55, 147mb)

The 2013 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards was held in the Indigo Room at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront. The welcome was done by Jackie Estrada, Eisner Awards Administrator. Among the presenters are Kayre and Bill Morrison, Maurice LaMarchie, Lauren Tom & David Herman, Chris Hardwick, Milestone Media founders Denys Cowan, Michael Davis and Derek T. Dingle, Edward James Olmos, Becky Cloonan, Ellen Forney, James Marsters, Robert Ben Garant, Thomas Lennon, Neil Gamian and Jonathan Ross. The Bill Finger Award was presented by Mark Evanier. The Spirit of Comics Retailer Award was presented by Joe Ferrara. The Bob Clampett Humanitarian Award was presented by Ruth Clampett. Maggie Thompson did the Memoriam. The Winners can be found at the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards page.

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