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The Friday Mini-Docback Wraps Up DOCTOR WHO San Diego Comic Con 2013 News And Happenings!!


Glen here...

...recently returned home after having my ass thoroughly kicked by Comic Con.  Took me a bit longer than expected to get settled back in - as such, my Docback prep time pretty much went straight to hell.  So, consider this an open (but still moderated) forum to discuss all things WHO.  I’ll jump back on track with a more respectable and focused post next week.

As you’ve no-doubt gleaned by now, there wasn’t a ton of DOCTOR WHO information spilling forth from the mighty event - save for the reveal of the show’s 50th Anniversary trailer, which I actually did not see (BBC America decided I wasn’t worthy of admittance to the panel, even though I asked for no special consideration whatsoever beyond getting through the door - this is becoming tiresome and more than a bit offensive).  You can find descriptions of said trailers HERE and HERE.

I will say I was hugely impressed, even moved, by the DOCTOR WHO’s enormous presence at SDCC.  I expected to see a few Cosplayers here and there...expected to find some booths hocking DW merchandise...but I was wholly unprepared for the sheer number of Doctors and Roses and Claras and hot lady TARDISes.  As a WHO fan, it often feels like we’re still living in something of a vacuum - when comparing our fandom to, say, STAR WARS or STAR TREK.  At least it feels so to me.  This is certainly not the case at Comic Con.  My personal highlight?  Riding on the shuttle to SDCC behind a VERY convincing Tennant-era Cosplayer, who was jamming Ramin Djawadi’s awesome theme to PACFIC RIM as we roared along the ocean-side highway.  


A helluva moment.  


Other tidbits...

BBC has revealed three (annoyingly similar) publicity stills from the 50th Anniversary Episode...

DOCTOR WHO 50th Anniv promo

DOCTOR WHO 50th Anniv promo

DOCTOR WHO 50th Anniv promo

** UKvians are pissed off that the 50th Anniversary trailer was presented as a SDCC exclusive (HERE)...

** HERE’s a (potentially spoilery) newslet about an important-to-the-WHOverse actor who might end up making SOME FORM of appearance in the 50th Anniversary ep..

** Matt Smith has decided what he’s gonna steal from the DOCTOR WHO set when he leaves the show once and for all (HERE)...

** And, as I’ve previously hinted here in the Docbacks, HERE is official word that the search for the next Doctor is not as far along as some outlets would have you think. To paraphrase a James Ray/Rudy Clark lyric...”It’s gonna take time, a while lot of precious time, it;s gonna take patience and time, to do it right...”  


More next week, or before then should coolness develop...




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