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New NSFW Trailer For KICK-ASS 2 Ups The Ante On... Everything, Really! This Is Excessive!


Beaks here...

Three years ago, Hollywood was terrified of KICK-ASS. The graphic violence, the salty language, the fact that its breakout character was an eleven-year-old girl who kills bad guys with bloodthirsty glee... most studios wanted no part of it. But then Matthew Vaughn took his disreputable labor of love to the San Diego Comic Con, won over Hall H and got Lionsgate to take a chance on an R-rated cross between SPIDER-MAN and DEATH WISH.

Whereas Lionsgate was a little timid in the selling of KICK-ASS, Universal is taking every opportunity to show off the wanton violence of KICK-ASS 2. They know their audience and they know where they congregate, so here comes the blood-soaked extended trailer which just debuted at this year's Comic Con. I imagine this played very well in the room.


KICK-ASS 2 hits theaters on August 16th.

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