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BATMAN 2015?

Hey folks, Harry here...   I've just been given a corporate document for a company that works very closely with studios on their releases - that details the titles that they'll be forming corporate strategies through 2015.   Not only does it have a JUSTICE LEAGUE movie listed, but BATMAN.   That this document was distributed today within this company...  I wonder, if WARNERS is going to announce that Saturday at Comic Con.   Oh - ANTMAN is also on the list, along with a TROLLS movie.   I predict that the TROLLS movie will be the creepiest film ever made.   BTW - Atlanta - heads up, Edgar Wright will be shooting ANTMAN there later this year!

More on this later...  but man, 2015 is looking damn good!  That BATMAN appears on this list isn't a guarantee, but it is awfully curious.  I'm curious how that's going to work out?  They better be pretty far along developing that secret project if 2015 is gonna happen.  This just made me pay attention to Comic Con a whole lot more!  2/3rds of a year ago there were plenty of rumors of a BATMAN 2015, but then nothing for months.  Let's see what we can learn from Comic Con.

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