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Gina Carano to beat some demon ass as AVENGELYNE!

Howdy do, everyone, Papa Vinyard here.


MMA ass-kicker and HAYWIRE star Gina Carano has lined up her first pre-existing solo property as an actress; she'll be playing the demon-slaying angel, AVENGELYNE, in an upcoming film adaptation of the comic character created by Rob Liefield and Cathy Christian, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Carano and Liefield, who, as the THR article mentions, had a hand in creating X-Force, including its famous members Deadpool and Cable, are currently in Comic-Con, where they are building buzz for the nearly-20 year-old character's first foray into cinema. With Carano publicly attached, the next step is to find a writer and director who can translate Liefield's vision onto the big screen.


Carano is quickly becoming a viable action star, and she has proven herself in both of her major appearances so far: her ABOVE THE LAW/BLOODSPORT breakout role in HAYWIRE showed her natural charisma and (obvious) talent for onscreen melees, and her addition to the FAST & FURIOUS franchise was one of the best aspects of FURIOUS 6 (her fight scene with Michelle Rodriguez, with her gasp-inducing finishing moves, was my favorite scene of that film). This seems like a perfect step for her becoming a heavy hitter in the action movie world, moreso than her upcoming, B-movie sounding IN THE BLOOD. I'm all for capable, tough-looking (as well as, in this case, hot) women standing toe to toe with contemporary male action heroes, and she is the best candidate to create that trend that I've seen thus far. If this proves to be her BLADE, we should see her star power rising considerably in the next couple of years, hopefully leading to a long line of female onscreen asskickers who can dish it out as well as (if not better than) they take it.


If all goes well, we could get lucky and have her join up with the EXPENDABLES in a future entry. Jovovich vs. Carano?? Fingers crossed!

-Vincent Zahedi
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