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Copernicus On The Science Of Time Travel / DOCTOR WHO!!



AICN’s resident ultra-brain, Copernicus, is all kindsa smart and shit.  Like...he’s a Staff Scientist at the Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network,  he’s Adjunct Faculty at the University of California Santa Barbara, has hosted KNOWN UNIVERSE on the National Geographic Channel, and once boxed a NASA conspiracy theorist.  

He’s written for us on numerous occasions (The Science of STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, The Science of THOR, and The Science of AVATAR leap to mind), and is an all around cool guy.  

Copernicus also knows a helluva lot about DOCTOR WHO - which makes him even more dear to my heart.  In a recent discussion, entitled The Science and Science Fiction of Time: From Spacetime to the TARDIS, Copernicus breaks down time travel in general, looks at the concept’s pointed use in several franchises, and focuses on the shenanigans of everyone’s favorite Time Lord. has posted said discussion, which is presented via the embed below.  



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