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Today is the day to visit AICN along a virtual pub crawl for a chance to see THE WORLD'S END at Comic-Con!!!

Hey Yo, Draven here.

It is now time for AICN to debut our exclusive bar sign in conjunction with Edgar Wright’s THE WORLD’S END. As we explained before, we are one of twelve movie web sites that are participating in this virtual pub crawl. We each have our own sign that represents different bars that are visited in the film. If you visit San Diego’s Gaslamp District and are able to collect all twelve trading cards, you will be admitted to an advanced screening of the film at Comic-Con.

We are the eighth stop along the crawl and now we are pleased to debut The Mermaid!!


Don’t forget to follow @TheGoldenMileCC on Twitter and like THE WORLD’S END on Facebook to view the other stops on the crawl and follow me on Twitter here!

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