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Some Concept Art From Neill Blomkamp's ELYSIUM!!

We’ve recently learned that DISTRICT 9 director/writer Neill Blomkamp is turning his sights on the robo-centric CHAPPIE.  These events were set into motion before Blomkamp’s forthcoming ELYSIUM has hit the screen, which will happen in the US August 9.  

I’m really looking forward to ELYSIUM - the trailers have invariably caused a stir when I’ve see them screened with large audiences - and word is much content is being strategically withheld from we could be in for a very special ride with this one.

Moviefone now brings us a look at a concept art from ELYSIUM, samples of which are presented herein - and you can find the rest HERE.  

I’m often asked what quality I most dislike about modern cinema (I'm partial to the films of the '60s and '70s) - my answer is invariably that many modern Hollywood movies tend to not be about anything.  I don’t mean 'about' in a plot sense...I mean in a substantive sense (in terms of social exploration, truthful dissections of the human condition, etc.)  Blomkamp is very much a trendbreaker in this regard,  More power to him for bring so, and more power to the bankrollers for making this happen.  Before anyone accuses me of being a fru fru hater of popcorn entertainment...this isn’t the case at all.  I’m all over popcorn filmmaking.  But a diet of too much popcorn?  Doesn’t work out in the long run...and there's no reason popcorn can't be consumed with a chaser of substance (Peckinpah's CONVOY from 1978 is an admittedly imperfect example which leaps to mind).  Saldy, maintaining such balance seems to be a diminishing art form.  Perhaps Blomkamp's apparent success will inspire 'the next generation' to think a little bolder?  

ELYSIUM concept art

ELYSIUM concept art


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