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I'm Your Friend to the End! The Trailer for CURSE OF CHUCKY is Here!


Hey guys! Horrorella here...

The first trailer for Don Mancini's upcoming return to horror has arrived. The CHILD'S PLAY series had been taking some steps away from horror and was more firmly entrenched in comedy and camp with the last entries of BRIDE OF CHUCKY (my personal favorite of the series) and SEED OF CHUCKY, but it looks like everyone's favorite Good Guy is back to terrorizing in CURSE OF CHUCKY.

“Nica (Fiona Dourif) is grieving over the gruesome suicide of her mother when her domineering older sister Barb (Danielle Bisutti) arrives with her young family in tow to help settle their mother’s affairs. As the sisters butt heads over Nica’s plans for the future, Barb’s young daughter comforts herself with a grinning, red-haired talking doll named Chucky (voiced again by Brad Dourif) that recently arrived mysteriously in the mail. But as a string of brutal murders begins to terrorize the household, Nica suspects the doll may hold the key to the bloodshed. What she doesn’t know is that Chucky has a personal score to settle. He’s determined to finish a job he started more than 20 years earlier, and this time he’s going to see it through to the bloody and shocking end.“



The new doll's face is kind of freaking me out. In the original CHILD'S PLAY, Chucky looked pretty normal whenever he was in doll mode, but in this latest one, they seem to be setting out to unnerve you from the start with the creepiest fucking doll they could make. It's still definitely a child's toy (as opposed to my favorite look for the character, which was in BRIDE and in SEED where he was all sewn up and had hair stapled to his head), but really - would you buy this for your kids? I sure as shit wouldn't.


chucky doll


What do you guys think? Hi-dee Ho!

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