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This PACIFIC RIM "Elbow Rocket" clip has been described as 1% of its action sequence... my the mind boggles!

Hey folks, Harry here...   People ask me why I'm going absolutely bananas waiting to see PACIFIC RIM - it's because when I saw the ILM Audition Reel - I realized that what I was looking at was going to be the worst action footage from a film at a new scale of whupass.   Screenwriter Travis Beacham posted a link on Twitter to the clip below saying, "This clip constitutes like 1% of the best, most sprawling action sequence I have ever seen in my life."   Now sure - he's invested.  But I have to say - if that's just 1%, whatever the 99% more is - I just have to fucking see.

This is big awe and wonder shit.   I mean, do you remember HOTH?   Where the scale of what you were seeing was suddenly upped to a level that heightened the imagination.    Now sure - we were kids back then - and it seems some of you have grown up.   That's actually tragic.   Me - I look at this stuff and suddenly I see Hollywood and Filmmakers reaching to give us a whole lot of just never before seen amazing shit.   Just amazing.  As for Variety declaring this the next BATTLESHIP...  BATTLESHIP was never anticipated.   It was maligned as a joke movie the second it was suggested.  Then, when they started screening the film and the critics reacted to the mega turd bomb.   Right now, film writers and critics have begun to see the film and the word is nearly 100%.   People are loving the movie.  As far as I know there's nobody carrying the BATTLESHIP flag, but PACIFIC RIM already has people in LOVE with the movie.  The tracking may be off, but as Warners and Legendary begin screening this film - the word of mouth is gonna become absolutely contagious.   This film will absolutely need everyone to campaign for it - and I believe its the sort of film that will earn that.   Watch this scene...   Are you not just amazed?  This is 1% of a fight.  Can you imagine where it goes?   Put the video full screen, put on some earbuds.   Absorb the awesome...


Also - this featurette hit... Watch it too. This is just amazing stuff:

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