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Sir Etch A Sketch reports in on Disney's next CGI animated project... WILD LIFE!!!

Hey folks, Harry here. Seems that Sir Etch-A-Sketch has popped up yet again to fill us in on some of the latest work going on at the place where everyone wears mouse-ears but listens to noone, but parental ACTION groups bent on destroying and erasing the history of their own studio! Ahem... Excuse me, I don't know where that came from. Anyway... this WILDLIFE thing sounds weird. Take a look...

Hello Fearless One,

You can not fathom the uproar that little post of yours made over here at Disney Corporate. Keep up the work, it is fun to continue playing the angry anti-AICN corporate role, while contributing from a home computer at night.

The downward spiral of animation profits has begun to indeed affect the company that Mickey built. There have been quite a few cutbacks on key sequences on ATLANTIS and TREASURE PLANET, although I have to say the work being done on these films is exemplary.

Some of the early work on DESTINY from the Dali originals is quite promising. However, it is quite far off. However, there is a project on Disney's horizons that I know you have heard not one iota of info upon.

Wild Life

It will be Disney's next Computer-Animated Film that is not produced by Pixar. This one could be a wierd one. To me there seems to be a VERY GAY influence in the characters. Some characters are VERY GAY, primary among these is the cowboy character.

Now it should be noted that I am not gaybashing, but this one could get disney some flack, much in the same way that Dreamworks received flack over THE ROAD TO EL DORADO's somewhat gayish tones.

WILD LIFE tries to be cutting edge by having Klasky Csupo , Nickolodean and James and the Giant Peach design influences, it is all very un-Disney looking.

The Gist of the story is that the main clubkids get kicked out of a "studio54ish" club called "wildlife". They vow to get back in cause its soo cool. They meet a talking and dancing elephant in a zoo, and use her to get back into wildlife. I guess the main point of this story that it is more important to be yourself than being cool and that what you are inside is more important than vanity. It feels very High concept to me

It could work.

Sir Etch A Sketch

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