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First Trailer For Bobcat Goldthwait's Bigfoot Flick WILLOW CREEK Stomps Into View!


Beaks here...

Now that Bobcat Goldthwait has established himself as one of our most savage satirists with pitch black comedies like WORLD'S GREATEST DAD, GOD BLESS AMERICA and SLEEPING DOGS LIE, he's decided to do the unexpected and make a found footage horror movie about a couple straying deep into the woods in search of Bigfoot. It's called WILLOW CREEK, and a new trailer has just popped up at Badass Digest. Check it out:


According to Devin Faraci, there's more humor in the film than you see in the trailer, but, overall, it's mostly a serious, no-frills Bigfoot movie. And if there's one thing we just don't get enough of nowadays, it's Bigfoot movies. WILLOW CREEK will screen at the FanTasia International Film Festival later this summer.

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